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Sep 30, 2011


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Here is a link to enlarged photo



Let me get this straight.

Some unidentified "paddle boarder" found a pvc pipe floating in the general vicinity weeks after the subject photograph was taken and now the White shark sighting has been "disproven" accordingly?


Although I am the first to admit that, well, in today's digital age, the photo could be photoshopped, assuming, for the sake of argument, that it is not- how can anyone deny that there is a massive girth and body connected to whatever is protruding from the wave? I don't see a person holding the pvc device. Do you?

Look at the person to the left to get a sense of scale- how a person holding the pvc device could look that large? I could, however, see that a 12ft+ White shark would look that large. Of course, a local spearfisherman reported seeing a 12ft White shark down a mile in Cardiff a week before this photo was taken.


Which is more plausible? A White shark was in the area hunting marine life and was photographed in the lineup. Or, a pvc device floated down from Catalina, someone was playing with it and the photo was taken- although nobody in the lineup that day saw a person carrying such a pvc device.

I guess I am confused by the article. Did someobody confess to this? Does anybody know?

Or is the "news" a pretext to reassure the public.

I mean tourists. You know what I mean.

"It is much easier to be critical than to be correct." - Benjamin Disraeli

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