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Sep 08, 2011


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Bobby Scott

I grew up in Eufaula and there were hardly any alligators in the area. Their population has exploded over the past few decades. Without proper and responsible game management they pose a public safety hazard. While it should our goal to peacefully exist with nature, the general safety of the populace should come 1st. Hats off to the Alabama DNR for instituting this policy. I don't find this sick but pragmatic and prudent.


Lets get rid of the small alligators and keep the big ones. Pretty soon all we will have is small alligators and then we will have no alligators. Same as everything else. Cream of the crop goes first than the rest get poisons or pushed off their land. It is selfish and telling our childtren if animals are stupid enough to not protect the land that was given to them 100 years ago then go ahead and kill them especially since the older ones offer the most. Like the old redwood trees in california, cut down almost to extinction. Does everything always have to be first come first serve until it is too late. How sick.

joanie williams

actually the state record for Georgia is 13'9' caught in Decatur County by Randy Hand and Mack Young on Septemeber 19, 2010 at Lake Seminole. You can see it mounted at the Bainbridge, GA CVB!

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