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Sep 23, 2011


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You must be one of those tree hugging vegans. Have you ever enjoyed the thrill of hunting? Most likely not. Being in the woods and becoming one with nature is a fascinating experience that everyone should have. I am an avid hunter and hunt year round. I respect the animals that I harvest and also never leave any to rot in the woods. If you shoot it, you eat it. I rarely buy meat at the store as I have always got fresh meat in my freezer.
What happened here is a terrible tragedy and the last thing these young men's families want to hear is rhetoric from people like you. Get over yourself and show some respect.

Don Alex

What, do all of you people just happen to know Ty? Funny how you all happened to show up on the same site, Im sure independently of each other, right? Here's an idea, maybe you rednecks should leave nature alone, you dont belong there and your presence is not natural, so dont go out chasing bears thru the woods with your little popguns, and if you do, at least make damn sure that you arent shooting the ones that you have no legal right to accost. Sympathy = Zero, for Ty and the clown that he killed.


we trust u


It sad Ty this is RJ I know u did right and everyone hear believes it too good luck ill good down fighting these stupid people.


This is such a terrible and unfortunate accident. I know Ty and he is a very ethical young man. I am so sorry for all of them.

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