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Aug 02, 2011


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Laurie D

R D Stevens, I first saw this article on Yahoo and I looked at the video 4 or 5 times because I see that second hump there in the water for a second too. There's another article on Yahoo (one about a great white sighting) that says the boat in the article had seen a blue and a juvenile. It's possibly the same mother and child. The videos were about a week apart and in relatively the same area. Since feeding is good, I can't see why they wouldn't hang around.

R D Stevens

Re: your Blue Whale and Paddleboarder story....has anyone suggested that there was another juvenile whale beside the adult. It sure appeared so to me (observing another dorsal fin in the video). If so, that paddleboader was lucky not to have become a victim to an attack by a protective mother whale.

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