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Aug 15, 2011


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Most folks have gone to a catch and release method of shark fishing..just to get some pics on their smartphones for bragging rights and to post on facecloth.

Some people are so exercised over and worried for the sharks, whenever they take a leg, arm, or a life it is always a case of mistaken identity. All are apologists who try to explain a sharks natural behavior. However those same people that cry foul the loudest for the sharks are PETA and ELF card carrying Vegan members who wholeheartedly support abortion on demand of baby human beings. Better yet if late term and government funded. These same godless trolls live to assail the preeminence of the individual at every turn.

So many self righteous butt lickers on the internet...geez.


They should be ashamed of what they have done.
If you don't think so, do some research.
This is not some "save-the-world-everybody-sing-kumbya" perspective.
It is just basic facts that these species are at risk.


You people get freaked over an animal being killed, but its ok for the US military to kill other countries for oil. Come on get your priorities straight

Jimmy 3 J's

I wonder if someone killed a large human and stood next to them for a picture, if it would be so accepted as this.


Why can sharks attack these A*holes who would kill just for a record instead of the innocent swimmers on the beach.


Did they kill the shark? How stupid to waste such a beauty for some rednecks to take a picture. Now what? God people are so ignorant.

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