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Jul 28, 2011


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Frances Griffin

In San Ignacio Lagoon where they go to calve, the whales do show that they feel safe and they approach the boats with their calves. There they do seem interested in the humans and even to welcome contact. Note, however, that the boats are required to keep a considerable distance from the whales and must float silently to permit the whales to approach them The viewing area is restricted and the number of boats is regulated. It is an amazing experience and I recommend it highly. I still tear up when I think of it.


thts insane howis a whale in a river i am am 11 years old and i have never heard of a whale in a river my whole life

zoe sullivan

We were on vacation from CO, heading to Sheridan, OR. Lots 'o' people on bridge so I found out what was what and jumped out of the vehicle on the bridge. This was July 30. Just home from 16 days of travel and am anxious to know the outcome of this mother whale. I was worried for days (still am somewhat) after we saw her. I'm also worried about the baby....does anyone have the absolutely current status of 1 or both? Will read all comments after I'm unpacked from travel, but would like to know sooner if someone could just shoot me an update. Thanks so much!!!!

Carolyn Rohrbaugh

On July 13 we happened to be in Klamath, Ca and were thrilled to see the mother whale and her baby. We felt the mother and baby did indeed enjoy the attention it was receiving. I wonder, if the baby was smart enough to leave without help why wouldn't the mother know when and how to go. Animals are much smarter then we give them credit for.


I don't know how whales think, either, but I do know the gray whales of Baja's San Ignacio Lagoon seem to enjoy (and definitely invite) the attention of human visitors. The moms bring their calves to the (small) boats and actively seek to be touched. So I wouldn't think it's out of the realm of possibility this gray is seeking that kind of contact. I'm just really surprised she let her baby go on without her, given how devoted the mother grays are.

M. D. Vaden

Had an odd thought ... but is there a remote possibility that the whale can see people watching, and the spectacle is keeping it interested in staying there? Have no idea how an animal like that thinks.

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