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Jul 13, 2011


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GPS phones

It is cruel and needless torture for the bird.

Joyce Sutton

How is the GPS attached? E2's head and neck appear like something is around it.

Colleen Ross

When I saw a close up cam of the eagle with the transmitter and antenna on her back, I was so upset I couldn't sleep that night.
It is cruel and needless torture for the bird. Is she expected to live 30 years with that thing on her back?

Pete Thomas

Thanks Lois... The facebook page explanation from RRP was confusing.

Lois Josway

Thank you, Pete, I finally got a look at it yesterday and you're right, it's on her back.

Pete Thomas

OK, it was the ankle. Here's the scoop from the RRP:

One standard aluminum bird banding lab band was placed on one anklet.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

There are actually two transmitters. One is a satellite transmitter that sends data up to ARGOS: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argos_System. ARGOS receives information and sends GPS coordinates back to us, although they aren't accurate to within feet. Generally ARGOS provides degrees to within hundreds of feet, which can be quite a distance in thick brush.

The short-range system uses a directional antenna that allows Bob to find the eagle. So the satellite transmitter tells him that the eagle is out near, say, Calmar (a nearby town). Bob can drive out to the area that ARGOS identifies and use the short-range transmitter to actually find the eagle.

The combination transmitter is surprisingly light. Years ago, we trapped an osprey and removed a non-functioning backpack transmitter. This is much, much lighter.

Pete Thomas

Hi Lois, I think it's the back but will try to find out now. Hang on please...

Lois Josway

Is the GPS attached to eagle's leg? ...neck? ...where?

Lois Josway

Where is the GPS device attached to the eagle?

Janice Robinson

The RRP-Decorah nest has brought people together from all over the world. With the help of Bob Anderson, beloved Mods and all the volunteers, a course in Raptor 101 has been illustrated. Answers that only heaven could give,like what goes on in the nest high above the trees. How did the parents interact and protect their young have been truly revealed. We all are wonderful stewards of nature,proven just by the interest thru Facebook and donations to the RRP.....

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