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Jun 06, 2011


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fat bennie

Great idea. Won't help an unconcious victim, but that may be nit-picking. Will this keep someone face up in water, especially an unconciousone?


Reading the article helps guys. "The key component is a Mustang Survival Corporation bladder that is installed into a compact zipper pocket in the back of the wetsuit, but still allows the surfer to be face-up after surfacing."

Steve Jenkinson

I understand concerns you have as a diver, but, I think the biggest hurdle these big wave surfers have is figuring out where up is and lack of bouyancy after a wipeout. It could probably be refined more where the bouyancy is so it addresses your concerns, but, a great start. Any chambers around the chest and neck might limit the surfers movement too much to surf in the first place.


Great idea....as a diver I would say one danger is that the way the air is positioned the surfer would be pushed into a face down position which would lead to drowning should they be unconscious. Perhaps a way of the float being on the front would be wiser? I see divers with BCD's which are high at the back continually struggling to keep their faces out the water.

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