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Jun 06, 2011


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Catrina--As an adult, you should know one should not judge the whole by the actions of a few.

Catrina Speers

Great article. I'm just getting very tired of Roscoe being bashed by residents of Waddington. Here's a thought Waddington, have a little more pride. As adults you should not run your mouths like 5 year olds.

jamie sharpe

maybe your contest should actually be about how much fishing diversity there is not based on how many non-fisherman can vote ! what does roscoe have for events for kids ? waddington has alot more to offer in fishing. not just trout..we have musky,walleye,northern pike,big and small mouth bass, and perch just to name a few, so we don't need the voting title we are the title town !

Jim Stinnett

Thank god no one knows about St. Anthony, Idaho!


Thank you, Pete, for such a great article. We may have placed second, but Waddington is still Number 1 in the hearts of all of our voters! It was a fun ride--exciting, nail-biting, and addictive! But most of all, uniting. It created a sense of pride and camaraderie in our little rural corner of the world that is seldom seen these days. We are proud of what we have accomplished! We welcome all to come enjoy our river and our fishing. Every day is peak angling season in Waddington--we fish year-round here, so come when you have the time!

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