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Jun 22, 2011


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Florida-ft laud, Michael D Thomas & SharkFriend ...Y’all are a bunch of tree - huggin', liberal idiots. Just put on your skirt and go back to your Boca Burgers & tofu. If you don't like reading articles about people catching and NOT releasing their fish, take up hobbies such as quilting and Bonsai tree trimming. If God didn't intend for us to eat Mako, he wouldn't have made it sooooooooo delicious. :) I've caught and eaten many sharks. :) Swordman, I have a few gaffs, let's go fishin'. :) I eat the fish I catch & keep and don't waste a bite. Oh, by the way, I also go deer hunting. Bambi is delicious too. I'd say y’all are the losers. Grow some balls ya big wussies. Complain about something worth complaining about, like the economy, the price of gas, or the unemployment rate. :) TTFN.


I say stick another gaff in him and lets catch another one.
None of you guys have ever had mako steak im guessing.

florida-ft laud

what a waste, these guys are losers. too bad none of them fell overboard during the fight

Michael D Thomas

Florida anglers land 1,000-pound mako shark after epic fight
Dated 22nd of June, 2011

They had video of a massive and wonderful force of nature. Their was no reason to have landed this Mako Shark. Why did they have to kill such a beautiful beast. Their was just no need for this stupid act male bonding.


Do you feel like real men now? Full-time loosers. Fail.

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