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May 09, 2011


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It depends what countries or companies are doing the wasting and treatment of the fish. Hong Kong shark fins are mostly imported from Europe, and European, Central Americans, Middle Eastern countries like Egyptian fisherman simply cut the fins and toss the fish. Ban the culprits don't penalize the consumer and restaurants.

Jill Hirschi

Thats a stupid excuse that is "tradition" because it used to be tradition to have a slave but when something it wrong that tradition needs to be changed. Sharks are bad to eat because of the high levels of Mercury, its bad to kill a animal to use less 5%, and it is destorying our world and oceans, and needs to be stopped!

Mike King

Now I have never had Shark-fin soup, not going to say it is good or bad. I really do not think it is an attack on a culture, we are just trying to save this planet. We as humans can really mess stuff up. How do they deal the shark cut fin and toss it back in Ocean? I think there could be some kind of substitute used? Just asking because I do not know?

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