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May 18, 2011


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So here's the story so far. When I discovered this video, it had 0 views. I decided to put it on my blog at bigfootevidence.blogspot.com and immediately notified the uploader asking for more details. So far, there's been no response. You have to wonder if this was something the user uploaded just for the fun of it or this was an actual sighting. The witness does sound a little convincing, even calling out for his friend afterwards. The nature of how this all came about is somewhat unsettling. This user hasn't visited his site for the past week (when we discovered it fresh and blogged on it). So, in my opinion, this could just be something the user uploaded and forgot about it. If the user was paying attention, they would have received the emails coming from their YouTube account.

Note that the person didn't even show it to anybody until BigfootEvidence blogged on it. This makes you wonder if it was meant to be shown at all.



The fact there have been (literally) no bones, fossils, artifacts, et al., recovered in the (ahem) “hunt” for Bigfoot is dispositive on the issue: Bigfoot does not exist.

Hobbits? Well, just go to the Island of Flores.

It is the prima facie example of how genetic drift and mutation coalesce together to adapt to local conditions, tending to prove Wallace's theory (I mean Darwin's) of natural selection: the retention of favorable traits over those which are injurious.

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