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May 06, 2011


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jimmy Akin

i guess the author who approves these posts allso pick the people to poll.

jimmy Akin

Where was this poll taken , none of us fishermen ever got a ballet. It must have been sent out to all the vegatarians and baby killers in california. Why dont you do a honest and real servey.


Sure, we don't need shark fin. Just have some alternative and save the animal from distinction. I personally believe we need to do this. By the way, Chinese American originally from Vietnam.

Eric Mills

The poll results are very encouraging.

AB 376 could be voted on any day now in the State Assembly, and calls and letters of support are encouraged.

Here's the email pattern for all State Assemblymembers:


For District phone numbers, look in the "Government" pages in the front of your local telephone book. They can give you the number in your Assemblymember's Sacramento office.

Kudos to the bill's co-authors, Assemblymembers Paul Fong and Jared Huffman, for putting animal welfare and environmental protection ahead of an unsustainable cultural practice.

Save the Sharks! And help save our fragile ocean eco-system at the same time.

Eric Mills, coordinator

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