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Apr 19, 2011


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To Bob and all those that bring this wonderful experience to all of us, it opens up another world to all of us. I love all animals, but watching the Eagles and all they go through before and after they lay there eggs is something I was not aware of, I feel blessed to be able to share this experience. I have such respect for them how they care for there young, there so gentle with them and caring, so watchful. It gives a new meaning to We are all one.

Dana Sutcliffe

I cannot thank Bob Anderson enough for the enjoyment the Decorha Eagle family has brought to me.Never in my life time would i ever think I could see such a beautiful sight of Nature. This has been a blessing. I am a 63 year old lady, and this is something I would never have dream of seeing. Wish my dad could have been so lucky, he loved birds, most of all Eagles.
God blees you all,
Dana Sutcliffe

mabel alvarez

realmente esta posibilidad de las web cam, para ver estos aguiluchos es maravilloso, vivo en argentina y me apasiona todo lo relacionado a la naturaleza, esto lo estoy viendo desde los huevitos hasta el dia de hoy, estoy ansiosa por saber cuanto mas les falta para que vuelen, tambien me gustaria saber , si vuelven al nido


Thank you (again) Pete! I could just see two eaglets when I tuned in as soon as I got home from work (well, I walked my dawgs first!). Was concerned that one toppled off the nest after I read your last writing on eagles.

Pete Thomas

They're still there and they all look OK to me.


Did we lose a baby?

Claudia Brown

Thank you so much for update and your insight. It is encouraging that these parents have "been there done that" before and they really do know what they are doing in raising these little ones. It is as if they knew yesterday that this weather was coming making sure the eaglets had plenty to eat and fortifying the nest. They are really amazing creatures and it has been a wonderful experience being able to watch them raise their babies. Thanks to the RPR for giving us all an opportunity to witness this.


This pair of parents have successfully raised 8 previous chicks- 3 in 2009, 3 in 2008 and 2 in 2007. The male's former mate died and he is the younger female's first mate.


Thank you for the update on the Decorah eagles. The ustream chat room moderators are being very kind to give us occasional updates, but your quoting of other experts is a bit reassuring. The chicks are quite big now, and it's a wonder that they can fit under a parent! In our heads, we know that wild creatures have learned to cope with bad weather conditions and keep their young safe, but in our hearts we are so connected to them that it is sometimes difficult to watch nature have its way with them.


I'm glad this article was posted. I was wondering how the eagles were doing. I mean, I know they're wild animals and used to this sort of weather but it's nice to be reassured by an expert.

Lorraine Ostroski

The past eaglets of these two what was the survival rate ie. taking flight for the first time and survival of the smallest one in the nest. Do you keep track of the ones that do survive or do they leave the area? Would love to know all this .

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