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Apr 13, 2011


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Scott Warner

Cool article =).

I was going to visit Rosario last week for the first time, but didn't want to go because supposedly it was raining there.

I plan to travel next week for a couple of days now, just to scope the scene and see how everything is.

If I like what I see, I plan to establish residence there. Of course, Rosarito is not the 'biggest' tourist areas like Ensenada, or Cabo San Lucas, which I think will make a better residence for me.

Basically, I want the luxury of a nearby beach, and the other commodities that come with living in Mexico..

My Spanish varies, I am good in some parts of the language, but clueless in others. I will need another month, of focusing strictly on speaking and listening.

Scott Warner

P.S. Yeah, I am a Californian, so being close to the states is a feat. I'd love to keep as well.

Thanks for letting me chime in!



Thanks for the post. My wife and daughter and I been driving down to Rosarito every other month for the past five years from Irvine, CA. One weekend in May, 2009 we were literally the only Americans in Baja. It's sure great to see things coming back!

As I'm sure you know, the tourist areas in Baja are safer than a lot of areas in LA/OC.

Hope to run into you down south soon.


Chris Escoto de Banuelos

I appreciate your article and support of Baja tourism. I am an american women who has lived in Baja, coming up on 10 years. I couldn't imagine living any place else.
I was married in Rosarito a couple of years ago and recently wrote a blog post about it.

Thanks again for your article, I'm glad you had a great time and welcome you back!



Good to hear people are getting the word out that Baja is still a great place to visit. I work in the Mexican Insurance business and we received tons of questions each day on whether its safe to travel to Baja or not. I will be sharing this article with our customers.

Thank you.


Philip Friedman


You and I have had so many great times in Baja and this was no exception. The people down south were great, Don Ashley ran in to some new friends, the food fantastic and the whale watching from my balcony at the Rosarito Beach Hotel was amazing. All I can say is, when are we going back?

Shana McCarthy

I am an 30 year old amerian woman and I have made Rosarito my full time home for 4 years, and have beenm coming down here regularly since I was 8 years old. I am even raising my 3 year old daughter down here, and I see it as completly safe. All the violence effects policia y narcos (cops and drug dealers) and as far as i know in Rosarito no innocent bystanders. It is a beautiful town, wonderful warm people, great service, amazing bargins and can accomidate every type of tourist. Weather it is party animals, family vacationers, recreation junkies, golfers, RVers, everyone will fall in love with Baja, espically the Rosarito area if they give it a chance.
I plan on staying in Rosarito indefinatly, I just recently started my own massage/spa buiness down here, and I have faith the charm of the area, and the honest fact it isn't dangerous for tourists will lead to a booming future in rosarito. Come see for yourselves

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