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Mar 06, 2011


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Cohen Brink

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Nobody has "debunked" the scientific fact human beings walked across Beringia to North America.

There is also evidence that human beings likewise rafted to North America's east coast, e.g., based on both skeletal morpohology and artifacts. However, these were isolated instances, hence the skeletal morphology and genome of Native Americans clearly resemble Asian populations, i.e., notwithstanding subsequent gene flow and, of course, genetic drift.


6000 year old planet? Hello! dinosaurs!

Fa bennie

No human ever walked from Asia to the new world. Why does this debunked theory still get so much erroneous media citation???


This is an amazing find! However the thing about this story that I can not understand is how any one, even the most respected scientific minds could possibly find anything 12,000 years old on a planet that is only around 6,000 years old. Come on people do the math!!!!

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