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Mar 08, 2011


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Aside from intermittent whale carrion at the surface- because there is no obvious, compelling marine resource in these parts of the open ocean- particularly at the inexplicable depths reported, it would seem that the White sharks travel to the open ocean to give birth.

It would seem to be a much more advantageous behavioral trait than giving birth in coastal marine ecosystems where larger White sharks, transient Orcas and human culture could foreseeably and opportunistically capitalize on the newborn White sharks' inexperience. Thus, while White sharks render no maternal care, their genome is imbued with a maternal instinct deeper still.

Thus, while whale carrion feeding events could result in mating events, it is difficult to imagine White sharks are going out in the "White shark cafes" to mate, i.e., more likely, it is the birthing grounds.


If, as is well known, the mature female White sharks return to the Red Triangle every two years, this may tend to support the theory that the "bite and wait" is, in fact, a mating strategy. Stated differently, the "science" says White sharks can go extended periods of time on a single meal. But mature sharks are making many, many more kills in these waters, during a defined season (e.g., estrus) via predictable manner.

Not that it is mutually exclusive with the retention of fat stores that will fuel future energy exertion on the larger pan-pacific migrations that, so it seems, could serve no other purpose.

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expert from Stanford University, and study co-author: "We've found that these white sharks return to the same regions of the coast year after y

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