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Feb 28, 2011


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Jay C

Actually, Japan is now ordering it's whale meat from Iceland & Norway (well, increasing orders anyway). Selling shark fin to China for soup is more profitable and no quota/restrictions.

Taiji hunt is in Japanese territoial waters -sorry o'barry.

The Japanese whaleing fleet operates 200 miles from shore -internetional waters.

Whalemeat contains less mercury than a Filet-O-Fish meal. It's a lie tactic to scare people.

cheesa's tumblog

Killing endangered species is so not good, especially whales. I respect Japanese culture but if the killing of whales and other endangered species continue, our future will not be very fruitful.


"Also worth mentioning that the Japanese are operating in Australian Territory with complete disregard for Australian and International law."

I'm not Japanese, but the UN disagrees with the Australian Territory and International law part of your statement. Also bet you Australia just wants to slaughter more cows to sell to Japan by cutting off their whale supply.

george maker

Sea Shepherd weapons include Rancid Butter, water balloons and a water cannon.

No Sea Shepherd ships have rammed japanese whalers.

Weapons used against Sea Shepherd include Tear gas, Stun Grenades, and rifle.

Sea Shepherd ships have been rammed multiple times by japanese whalers including one case where the ship Ady Gill was cut in two and destroyed by a whaler. (video available from three angles)

I saw a video of Paul Watson and the ships Doctor take a bullet out of Pauls bullet proof vest very near his heart.

The japanese sailor that claimed to be burnt by rancid butter was probably the sailor I saw (in a video) burnt by the tear gas fired by his fellow sailor.

Na what gets me most is that "chef" who wants japan to continue "research" whaling so he can continue to serve whale meat dishes to his customers.

Who is violent?

What research was done?

What is a whale sanctuary?

What is poaching?

What is a chef doing commenting on a rogue government sponsored poaching operation?



"KKK Mick?"

That's right, vince. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and The Ku Klux Klan. They're more alike than you might like to believe. SS uses violence, threats of violence and intimidation in an attempt to achieve their goals the same as the KKK did. SS says that they're "non-violent" because they only destroy or damage property. The KKK also damaged or destroyed property by routinely burning down African-American churches. And no one in their right mind would call them "non-violent". SS is a relatively small group of people who feel their cause is right and justifies their use of violence. The KKK was a relatively small group of people who felt their cause was right and justified their use of violence, as well.
I do agree that SS's primary motivation is not racism. However, racism plays a major role among many SS supporters judging from the numerous racist comments made on FACEBOOK and other forums.


KKK Mick? Oh please. You have discredited yourself and are a complete disgrace.



"Mick, I love how the article is about Japan"

That's the point, vince. The articles are ALWAYS about Japan. The fact that you "love" that comes as no surprise. Even though there are many other countries whaling, only Japan is singled out for violent persistent attack.
In regards to Aboriginal subsistence whaling. Is it okay to kill whales or not? If killing whales was TRULY wrong, then it wouldn't matter WHO hunts them, WHY they hunt them or HOW they hunt them.
Regardless of what you believe, the fact is Japan is engaged in Scientific whaling as allowed by the IWC following all the rules and regulations set down by the IWC. It's just as legal as Aboriginal Subsistence whaling which is also allowed by the IWC.
Whale meat is hardly a "luxury" item in Japan. It's sold in regular stores and supermarkets. True, it is expensive and people don't eat it all the time. However, beef is also very expensive and people don't eat it all the time either.
The article is also about SS's unlawful and violent actions against ships operating legally in international waters. Actions that are no different than the KKK's violent actions. Whether your burning a cross in an African-Americans front yard or throwing flares onto a Japanese ship. It's still violence, it's still illegal and it's still wrong.
The fact is there are many countries LEGALLY hunting whales. Norway, Iceland, Greenland, America, Japan and Russia. Yet, ONLY Japan is targeted for persistent violent attacks by SS.


Mick, I love how the article is about Japan and yet you must attempt misdirections and draw comparisons to native hunts etc. If the alaskans/inuit/aborigines started full scale commericial whaling then I'd be very very concerned. Japan is whaling commercially at full steam ahead - call it Scientific Research if you like, the world knows it bogus just like your arguments.

Unfortunately, some pro-whaling antagonists will shamefully make false comparisons between Japan’s industrial whaling operation and native Alaskan Inuit who hunt for nutritional subsistence.

Whale meat is a luxury food item in Japan due to the cost associated with acquiring, processing and selling it. Only a tiny fraction of the Japanese population actually consumes whale meat because they have many other choices in markets and restaurants. Whaling is not necessary for food security or economic prosperity in any of the nations that hunt whales on an industrial scale for commercial purposes. The International Whaling Commission has prohibited commercial whaling and called upon Japan in multiple resolutions to stop killing whales.

The native Alaskan Inuit hunt is permitted by the International Whaling Commission for aboriginal subsistence whaling. The native whalers live in remote areas of Alaska where other sources of food are not plentiful and literally hunt whales in order to provide food for their villages, NOT to make a profit selling canned whale in restaurants and supermarkets like Japan’s whalers.

Sure shark finning is a disgrace also, and I'm against that - but I'm happy to comment on a shark finning article, not vent about unfair treatment of Japanese on unrelated articles. The Article is about JAPAN and WHALING.


@vince "Mick, Spin and twist it how you like."

"Spin and twist", vince? No, just facts. It's a fact that America kills ENDANGERED Bowhead whales. It's also a fact that Greenland kills ENDANGERED Humpback whales. It's a fact that so-called "anti-whaling" organizations such as Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd do not oppose these hunts. Supposedly "anti-whaling" countries, such as Australia, do not oppose these hunts, either.
It's also a fact that Albacore tuna, sold in the U.S. and eaten by millions of Americans, contains high levels of mercury. It's also a fact that the FDA opposes mandatory warning labels or market postings warning Americans about mercury in tuna.
It's a fact that other countries get a free ride from so-called "evironmentalists" for their actions while only Japan is criticized. Shark fins, for example. According to OCEANA, the top exporter of shark fins is Spain. They exported 2646442 kg of shark fins in 2008. The U.S. was #7 at 251310 kg. While Japan was #14 at 162276 kg.



Mick, Spin and twist it how you like. You seem to be the same "Mick" that posts all over the place pro-whaling gibberish, attempting to justify the disgusting slaughter of our marine mammals - all for what? Sushi trains in Tokyo? School lunch program? or perhaps mercury laden meat for the Taiji people or for aged care meals.

You and Japan are an absolute disgrace.



And your point is....? Hunting dolphins and porpoises is perfectly legal and they are not endangered. The hunting of Sei, Byrdes and Sperm whales under JARPN is also legal and carried out following the rules and regulations set by the IWC. As well as the Minke and Fin whales taken under JARPA II. By the way, the quota of Fin whales is 50. However, to date, the most Fin whales that have ever been taken is 10. The quota of 50 Humpback whales has never been used and no Humpback whales have been killed. Currently, the only countries hunting ENDANGERED Humpback whales are Greenland and St. Vincent & the Grenadines. America kills up to 75 ENDANGERED Bowhead whales. Iceland kills 150 ENDANGERED Fin whales. Russia kills 130 ENDANGERED Gray whales. Many countries, other than Japan, are killing ENDANGERED whales, too. Why do you ONLY single out Japan for criticism? Why not subject American whalers to "persistent harassment"?


Japans barbaric butchery wall of shame (kills):

Rissos Dolphin: 550 per year
False Killer Whale: 100 per year
Common Bottlenose Dolphin: 1000 per year
Pantropical Spotted Dolphins: 900 per year
Striped Dolphin: 700 per year
Pacific Whiteside Dolphin: 260 per year
Short finned pilot whale: 400 per year
Bairds Beaked whale: 60 per year
Common Minke whale: 150 per year
Dalls Porpoise: 16000 per year
Sei Whale (ENDANGERED): 100 per year
Sperm Whale (ENDANGERED): 10 per year
Brydes Whale (ENDANGERED): 50 per year
Antartic Minke whale: 900 per year

Fin Whale (ENDANGERED): kill quota of 50 per year
Humpback whale (ENDANGERED): kill quota 50 per year

No doubt the killing methods for this massive number of marine mammals is horrific - speared, shot, harpooned & sliced up alive.


"Whale meat contains high levels of mercury and fewer people in Japan are buying it, judging from growing stockpiles in freezers around the country."

Mr Kono's statement is far more accurate than yours, Mr. Thomas. The "whale meat" in the article you linked to, was from PILOT WHALES. Pilot whales are, in fact, a species of dolphin and aren't whales at all. In addition, whales in the Antarctic have been found to contain very low levels of mercury. By the way, Albacore tuna sold in the U.S. also contains high levels of mercury.
In my own personal experience, whale meat sales in Japan have been steady. When the local grocery store gets whale meat in, it sells out quickly. Usually the same day. You can find whale meat in many parts of Japan and stores have no problem selling it.

"relentless harassment from members of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society."

SS's actions are no different than the KKK's actions. SS says that they are "non-violent" because they only damage property and that you cannot commit violence against inanimate objects. The KKK rountinely burned down African-American churches. Perhaps if the KKK claimed they were taking "non-violent direct action" like SS does, more people would have supported their "relentless harassment" of African-Americans.


this is great news and hopfully they will stop for good now, and hopfully paul watson will join up with ric o'barry to stop japan killing the dolphins in taiji

Mr Philips

Thanks Pete.
Also worth mentioning that the Japanese are operating in Australian Territory with complete disregard for Australian and International law.

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