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Feb 15, 2011


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Christopher Beau

Ok, now the GOOD stuff. Has anyone compiled a list of email addresses of ALL those involved in the vote, so that our emails can be sent and the bombardment start? Same with phone numbers...
Please let me/us know,
Christopher Beau
Founder WhiteEarth (the DOT goes here) org

Bill Powers

The Shark Protectorate (a focus group of the 920-member non-profit Power Scuba) is comprised mostly of scuba divers... a demographic uniquely situated to view exactly what is happening to fish populations beneath the waves. Our birds eye... rather, FISH EYE VIEW tells us populations are going down. In addition to our large amount of anecdotal evidence, the science behind the assertion shark species are "going away" is overwhelming. Again, unless one is decended from Chinese royalty or nobility, this can not be construed as a "cultural" issue. A red herring if ever there was one. This is an environmental issue pure and simple. In answer to the fake-named Asia Shark, regarding what my group and I might do if a group came out against turkeys: The answer is quite simple. If turkeys were placed on an endangered or threatened (or similar science-based white papers) list we would quit eating them without so much as a sqeak of protest. I would also expect restaurants to stop serving the dish. Doing the right things isn't all that hard. Senator Leeland Yee came out in opposition to AB376 with the backing of several high profile restaurants in San Fransico. What he underestimated is the backlash he would get from other corners of the city and beyond. "Well done" to Assemblyman Fong for spearheading this important legislation.

Yuet-Ming (Yvonne) Chu

There is no reason to eat ANY dish, of any culture, that leads to the endangerment of a species.

If Chinese all over the world continue to consume shark fin soup, sharks, which have been around for hundreds of millions of years, will be decimated in our lifetime, with adverse effects on our environment.

I'm a Chinese immigrant and I personally feel that because Chinese have caused the depletion of sharks in the ocean, we have an added responsibility to support this ban.

The shark fin trade has parallels to the ivory trade and our experience with ivory demonstrates that the only way to enforce the ban is to cut the demand.

Brad Fallon

I support this bill which protect the sharks which I think has already small number of existence. If they will not stop doing this, sooner or later there will be no shark in existence because they are slow to reproduce and they only have a few offspring. The Chinese can do without their sharks fin soup. They have other plenty of dishes.

Eric Mills

Kudos to Assemblyman Paul Fong for putting environmental protection and animal welfare above greed and profit. Senator Leland Yee needs to get with the program. Or is this just "politics as usual," in his run for SF mayor?

Shark fin soup is an over-priced luxury item eaten for status and, God help me, its rumored power as an aphrodisiac. We're on the verge of losing an entire family of animals for soup and superstition. Not acceptable.

A reported 100 MILLION sharks are mutilated and dumped back into the ocean like so much trash, to suffer a lingering death. There should be a world-wide ban on this obscene commerce.

Meanwhile, we should boycott ALL restaurants which serve this perverse product, and let the owners know why.

ALL STATE LEGISLATORS MAY BE WRITTEN C/O THE STATE CAPITOL, SACRAMENTO, CA 95814. Let them hear from you, esp. Assemblyman Paul Fong, Senator Leland Yee, and local SF reps Senator Mark Leno and Assemblymembers Fiona Ma and Tom Ammiano.

In the past, Senator Yee has been a strong proponent of both environmental protection and animal welfare. But he's wrong on this one. I would wager that the majority of his constituents, Asian-American and otherwise, would support this legislation.

Asia Shark

"The Shark Protectorate of San Diego?"

Another Bubble Gum Shark Group.

A quick look at TSPSD finds 68 members and only one Asian member in the whole group. For anyone at the TSPSD to claim that the shark fin soup issue is not a cultural issue shows a complete lack of respect for Asian culture and what they and get to determine what is food or not.

Let's face it the anti-shark fin movement is an overwhelming non Asian issue and if there's to be any serious changes with shark fin Asians will have to spearhead this initiative, not whites.

The folks over at the TSPSD better get that fact now on the front end, or find themselves locked into a racist box on the back end, a fight they cannot win.

Non Asians cannot determine what other cultures can or cannot eat without a serious fight.

What if Asians came out against Thanksgiving Turkeys, and mounted the same campaign, think you folks would stand for it?


This initiative while well meaning, is a frontal attack on another culture pure and simple, why the shark groups chose this line of attack is beyond comprehension.

Good luck there's a lot riding on this.

One might say too much.

Bill Powers

The Shark Protectorate of San Diego hails this introduced legislation as critically important, timely, and humane. The argument that eating shark fin soup is a part of Chinese “culture” is particularly untrue. In ages past, ONLY ROYALTY were allowed/could afford to eat the soup (which was seen as a rare delicacy). Thus, unless present day Americans-of-Chinese-decent can trace their roots to royal or dynastic origins, the premise that SFS-eating is “traditional” is completely bogus.

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