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Jan 17, 2011


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"My view of things is that the more rural you get the more redneck people become (same with any country of course), and probably hence why you might seem popular in a place like Hokkaido."

A friend of mine lived in Fukuoka for many years. He went back for a visit last year. He had this to say, "Whale meat was everywhere and not just sitting on the shelves either. The sampler I bought from Bon Repas (1st picture) was on sale because it was the end of the day -- but it was also the last one left from an entire shelf."

Another friend of mine lives in Yokohama. He said, "I just went grocery shopping again and took some whale meat pictures.
Red whale meat sasimi was sold out and I couldn't take a picture of it."

So, you can find fresh whale meat all over Japan not just in Hokkaido. In addition, Fukuoka and Yokohama are definately not "rural".



I live in Japan as well, but the only supermarket whale meat I've ever seen is the canned variety (and invariably with a thick layer of dust on top, proving how popular it is). My view of things is that the more rural you get the more redneck people become (same with any country of course), and probably hence why you might seem popular in a place like Hokkaido. In my 12yrs here I've not once seen fresh whale meat on sale anywhere.

Furthermore, though you yourself might like the taste, many many people don't.

"In fact, Wikileaks has revealed that Sea Shepherd's actions have made it difficult for Japan to compromise on the issue and to reduce their quota."
This is incorrect my friend, more accurately one should say "...have made it more difficult for Japan to compromise on the issue without losing face..." Japan can still compromise anytime they want.


You stated, "demand is in sharp decline" and "demand for whale meat is dwindling". What is the basis for these statements? I live in Japan and that is simply not true. You can find many resturants that serve whale in Japan. There's at least four just in Sapporo. By the way, there is no need to "make whale meat tasty". It IS tasty. Fried whale meat with garlic and ginger is great! You can easily find canned and fresh whale meat in the local grocery store. They have no problem selling it. In fact, this past year, fresh whale meat was available more often at our local grocery store. When the store gets whale meat in stock it sells out quickly, usually the same day. In my personal experience the demand for whale meat in Japan, is steady.

Isaroku Yamamoto

Sidewinder if you are to insist on sprouting your baseless and insipid musings, please do so under one pseudonym and in one post. There is no need to provide them in multiple postings. Cheers!

flying fox

This is just another desperate attempt to keep a dying indutry alive...

Japan kills over 1,000 whales and 24,000 dolphins every year. They are driving the overfishing of bluefin tuna. It's just a resource to them and when its gone they'll move on to the next one.


Japan still has a long way to go regarding integration with the rest of Asia / World in general. It's a cultural elitist thing...you know, a tradition - just like the whale slaughter

Hiroshima MKII

The only thing Japan listens to is threats of Sanctions from the USA & Atomic Bombs. (& maybe if the rest of the world stop selling Blue Fin Tuna to them as well)



Some interesting points:

- The japanese are brutal, lying savages commiting crimes on the high seas
- They dump tons of whale offal and refuel illegally
- They force feed mecury ridden dolphin and whale meat to their own children
- They are great at propaganda, up there with hitler if you ask me
- a WW2 style effort is required because diplomacy won't stop a damn thing
- They have huge stockpiles of unwanted meat in the deep freeze that they can't give away
- Security ships now with weapons? come on. Whats next? gun fire (oh wait we had that didnt we?)
- the financial cost of this 'research' must be enormous. How can they afford it with so many domestic issues...
- 9000 whales killed over 22 years for research with nothing to show for it? Gosh


- How is it they constantly change their "story". First it was scientific whaling, then they admitted it is sold at markets for food. Then they say that whales eat into valuable fish stocks, now they are saying the minke whales prevent the recovery of larger whales because they eat too much krill. Like WTF?

It's ICR propaganda out of control.

That facts are the Japanese are the terrorist scum bags down there with their high tech ships carrying on like victims as usual. oh how brave they are killing whales with explosive tips (how traditional) and having to deal with eco-terrorists on the high seas. Guess what, you butchers are illegally whaling and should be dispatched to the sea bed.

Stacie Simonson

If Sea Shepherds are terrorists, then the whalers are mermaids.

Ridiculous comparison, right? It's relevant.

Sea Shepherd is NOT a terrorist organization. Its clients are the cetaceans. They have not killed anyone - that's logical. All they're hurting is the numbers, which is part of their ultimate goal of ending the slaughter forever (logical). They do not purposefully hurt anyone (logical). None of their own crew has died or been seriously injured while on the campaigns (logical). Meanwhile the whaling fleet has had a few of their crew die while in the Southern Ocean, the last being two years ago (and Sea Shepherd genuinely offered to help find him, to which the whalers said something along the lines of "We do not need help from terrorists").

Sea Shepherd is upholding international laws, which is logical - refueling below 60 degrees latitude is a violation of the Antarctic Treaty; commercially killing whales below 60 degrees latitude is in violation of the Antarctic Treaty. Who is REALLY breaking the law?

Killing whales in the Southern Ocean wouldn't be necessary if the whalers hadn't eradicated nearly all the whales in the ocean around Japan. Doing that was illogical. How is it culture when the whalers are travelling hundreds of miles to a place that they wouldn't be able to get to a few centuries ago? And almost nobody is interested in whale meat, so why continue to kill them when it takes a very long time for their population to return to normal numbers? Very illogical.

So remind me... who's being illogical?

Stacy Linowski

I like the comment made about Japanese hiding behind research to fool other countries! I feel like they take this loophole to extremes just to make that extra buck. Sea Shepherd is by no means a "violent" or "terroristic" organization. They are merely trying to hinder the Japanese from making their quota. I hope they continue their efforts. In addition, the Japanese continuously complain about the Sea Shepherds being "violent" toward them, but doesn't anyone watch Whale Wars and see how aggressive the Japanese vessels are?!? They completely destroyed a multi-million dollar boat (Ady Gil) and blamed the crew for getting in their path. The Ady Gil was simply relaxing on their boat, and the Japanese CLEARLY rammed them, destroying the boat in the process. I personally feel the Japanese are paying off people in higher authority who will look the other way when Japanese are clearly in the wrong.
It's interesting how a Japanese person is offended by this article. I hope the ICRW changes the "wording" soon to defend the whales and take back our oceans. I am appalled by the Japanese and their whaling expeditions. Anyone who could kill a harmless animal for the sake of the almighty dollar is pure evil in my eyes.

Kyle Ihimaera

True... The quota is the same, but the actual number of whales is the main target, it is true also that SSCS has hardened their resolve and reduced the ability for negotiation but what is the value of negotiation when commercial whaling was outlawed over 23 years ago ago whaling continues.

Negotiation has had it's day, now it's time for direct action whether the Japanese like it or not. The numbers of whales killed each year is reducing, the demand is reducing so the 'quota' is really quite irrelevant in this case.

Also if what SSCS is doing is eco-terrorism, then you can call me a supporter of eco-terrorism. It is the only form of terrorism that has not caused death and has actually saved lives (whales lives). I'd rather be that than an eco-rapist. I also question Mr Toyotomi's definition of 'loop hole'.


It's always good to hear a point of view from Japan: when you read Japanese newspapers, they never consider their whaling as scientific, but as "cultural" and even commercial when it comes to this restaurant owner. They hide behind research only to fool international bodies and other countries, which really enjoy being fooled anyway.
And by the way, Sato, if Japanese were to tell Australians to stop eating kangaroos and English to stop eating fish, they would find much more support in those countries than Sea Shepherd finds in Japan.

Hideyoshi Toyotomi

Pete, you are incorrect to state that Sea Shepherd is reducing Japan's kill quota in the Southern Ocean. It is in fact the opposite. While Japan's actual harvest has in fact been reduced by Sea Shepherd's acts of terrorism, Japan's quota has remained constant. In fact, Wikileaks has revealed that Sea Shepherd's actions have made it difficult for Japan to compromise on the issue and to reduce their quota. So the truth of the matter is, the result of Sea Shepherd's crimes are to maintain Japan's current whaling quota.

This result of Sea Shepherd's violence has been well documented for years - while it makes for great TV ratings and huge profits for Sea Shepherd and Paul Watson, it merely hardens the resolve of the whalers and strengthens their hand.

P.S It is not a "loophole" which Japan uses to conduct scientific research. It is a clearly worded and specific provision in the ICRW. Please try to be more objective and truthful in your reporting methods in future. Cheers.

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