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Jan 25, 2011


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pump fuel

Wow, I love this boat so much.

pump fuel

I love this boat so much.

Tony DeMaio

Say what you may,but do you really think the Japanese are going to abide by any rules when the only check point sits in an office thousands of miles away negotiating. Everyone has their own ideas, but I personally would not trust the Japanese to babysit my house cat. And just how many whales does one need for RESEARCH...the bottom line to me is they need a better means of confirmation on how many whales were really killed, as the ship returns to port listing to one side.

The Sea Shepard is the only real means currently doing anything evasive...The Japanese need a shot of Sea Shepard anti-venom. If I was a younger man in good health I'd be proud to be part of what the Sea Shepard crew...if not for them most wouldn't haven't a clue of what's going on...on the other side of that long desk.


WhalePeople - Are u kidding? Everyone wants to see whaling end, not slowed down, not hampered, not messed with and certainly not turned into a half witted reality television show complete with lies, faked moments like Watson being shot, and rammings for ratings.

So Watson claims he stopped a few whales from being killed this year and last. He made the same claims when he was the Seal Saviour of Canada for 10 years, and now more seals than every are getting whacked out there on the ice and Watson is no where to be seen.

He has left the seals for more $$lucrative$$ whale waters.

You may want to see this link about his actual numbers vs the reality, that's if you can handle a dose of reality and get your sycophantic nose out from under Sea Shepherd skirts for just ten minutes.


Results, my mypoic whale friend, not media bytes is what is needed.

30 years of nothing, equals nothing, and we are well past the days when you should be able to offer the world open ended commitments to saving wildlife.

So good by to the fat man and Sea Shepherd and hello to anyone who can make a difference. You that person?

c murray

good Luck and may you win over evil sea shepherd, as always our best thoughts and wishes are with you from australia, we are so very proud of all of you, forget the rest, you are truely the best protectors of all creatures. good work keep at it, you will win



At least one person had the decency to applaud Watson. And as far as success is concerned, seems to me the last year's quota by Japan was disrupted as quoted by the Japanese, due to Watson.

Does that count as failure? Hmmmm... 2 plus 2 equals four....

I guess that someone else was responsible for the lack of Japanese kills last year....

And even with all the "noise", Watson and others are getting some things done. What they have done is bring a lot of attention on something that is not right. Even the Japanese admit it in their own newspapers as they laugh at the world.

Watson may not be doing things right. But he is doing something better than at least a few who are sitting on their arses...

Devon McDonald

After 30+ years from Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd $ociety, he has in fact, no conservation victories to his credit and in fact, every single wildlife issue he has tackled is still ongoing today.

Paul Watson, conservation wise, is a complete failure.


Sea Shepherd Fail #77

So Watson failed once again to stop whaling...with THREE BOATS?

Sea Shepherd has a long and tiresome history of making claims about saved wildife, failing, and making more claims. For years SSCS rode the cash cow of saving seals in Canada. Remember the Seal Wars anyone, anyone?

Last week it was announced that Canada signed a multi-million dollar trade agreement with China for seal products from Canada. The hunt will go on, that's after SSCS lost 3.8 million dollars on a vessel that was impounded by the Canadian coast guard.

That was Sea Shepherd fail #72

How much longer will we put up with the Cirque Du Whale that is Sea Shepherd these days and the always bombastic and self important founder Paul Watson who, without a clue, is trying to stop whales being killed for another useless year?

The conservation world can do better. Surely there has to be smarter, younger, slimmer conservationists out there who actually have a plan beyond donations for a second rate reality television show?


Good work sea shepard

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