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Jan 07, 2011


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It is very sad, terrible watching dolphins kills in taiji Japan... Never know Japan has ugly side like this it is totally cruel... Slaughtering these innocent beautiful dolphins...hope one day this end...


The problem is that too many people pay BIG money for "swim with dolphin" experiences and for the Sea Worlds of the world. If people would simply boycott these places, there would be no more incentive. And eating mercury laced dolphin is just plain ignorant. If the Japanese gov't is allowing mislabeled fish products, our own gov't should not allow the importation of any food items from Japan. Makes me not want to buy Toyota or Sony...


I saw The Cove today in Geography class and was crying through most of it. I also never knew Japan had such an ugly side! I wish they'd just realise what they were doing and stop, so that the dolphins can be free!!! I blame both the individuals and the government!! Maybe they should all just get mercury poisoning to teach them a lesson.

nikhil kambli

Ban the Dolphin shows coz they belong in the sea not in captivity. one day ur grounded and u can feel the loss of freedom, wat about them?
do u want ur kids to grow in a world where dolphins wud nly be seen in books or internet.. stop the killing before they extinct. like us even they have intelligence and caring and feelings. keep the Sea blue not Red.. i so wish i catch these fishermen and we all poke them like they are doing it to the poor dolphins.. i am not surprised why there are so many catastrophic events in japan! Karma is a bitch.. u all will have a death full of agony!


Boycott Japanese goods.

Governments only speak the language of greed... yen... dollars...

Time to cut Japan off. Keep our money in our country... or at least spend it in the countries that are direct competitors of Japan.


I wish there was a way to detour the dolphins around Taiji so the evil b*&(R? can't get this filthy hands on these beautiful creature. I hope all of the fisherman get the karma they deserve.


I am so grateful to the makers of the documentery The Cove for shining a light on Japan's filthy secret. I am astonished and profoundly saddened that the brutal slaughter continues in 2011, in spite of greater global awareness of this inhumananity. We need to consider ways to increase pressure on the Japanese government and engage with Japanese conservation/animal welfare groups.


I call for an annual event, first day of the slaughter season, just go and stand there - be a witness, offer money to the fisherman to stop.

Can you imagine if thousands of people went - there is nothing like passive resistance and bearing witness to shame people into thinking about their action. What day should we go? Cause I will be booking my flights!! Who else is going?

Vivek Karmaa Subba

The people helping the dolphins are some of the brave angels, keeping humanity alive. God bless them, my prayers are always with them. -Vivek Karmaa Subba, Sikkim, India


hey hey do not fight here. i believe that if u want to watch, go ahead but shut up if u dont feel for the animals. others feel let them, u dont shut up. we are who we are, we have the right to feel and support.you like japan thats your own opinion, we dont like japan thats our opinion, so again shut up. if u feel so outrageous these posts are go to the anti-japan forum. they will accpet u thre better i bet.


There is a belief in Africa,"if you hurt mother nature, she is all forgiving and does not hurt back, But eventually when her patience is worn off, she will strike back in a thunderous WAVE of force".


There is no excuse for these kind of people. If they are destroying the earths beautiful creatures, without even thinking twice, there is only one word for them.,,,monsters..... I believe there is only one way to deal with monsters and its to make them disappear. This may be harsh, but I'm quiet many people will agree that it is more that justified...... It's extremely pathetic that an advanced country like Japan is allowing this to happen. It may be a case of a few rotten potatoes....but if you do not take the steps to remove them, eventually the whole bag is going to labeled rotten. The people who have dedicated their life to this cause are angels, and will always be. But I believe it is now also time for punishment. Monster should be treated like monsters... Be warned....the angels are giving there everything.....it's now time for the demons to step in...


i think based on the movie cove, the people of taijji was the problem in killing of dolphins cuase they called it a culture and tradion in taiji. which is not right in international animal welfare group. hope that people in taijji. will not tolerate this act.
cause we know how mother earth punished the people who disrespectfully
use the nature.


@ben what have you done Ben???? Sitting on your sofa bitching about Paul Watson, I'd put money on the fact he's doing a damn sight more than you, he, along with the rest of the crew and Cove Guardians, devote their lives (for free) to it. Do you!!!!


"At least they are doing something".

Ah yes, hope for the hopeless. Six seasons of Whale Wars later and...

"Doing something" does not mean a change. A change for whales, seals, and dolphins is what's needed we all agree. So what's it to be? Another year of Whale Wars with the "at least they are doing something" crowd, or perhaps a new direction with new leadership who can effect real change?

The choice is up to those who believe that "at least they are doing something" = an end to senseless slaughter.


First comment: At least Paul Watson is out there doing something. Raising awareness and attempting to make a change. It's more than anyone can say for any other organization. How can you claim "more of the same" if they're the only group out there doing anything?


@Ben : At least there is a presence there, it's better then nothing!


Another conservation FAILURE for Sea Shepherd. Folks when are we going to get our collective heads out of our asses and stop worshiping the false conservation rock stars of Paul Watson and his entire band of do nothing, side line eco whiners?

How many posts from Taiji this year from Sea Shepherd saying they had stopped the slaughter?

How many posts from the Whale Wars saying they had stopped the whale hunt?

How many posts from the seal hunt saying they had stopped that?

Time for a new regime, or more of the same. The choice is up to you. Just because someone is on site and pointing a finger does not mean anything is being done.

Blood on the hands of the whalers = blood on the hands of those who would raise our hopes that something is being done!


They Kill Dolphins , Whale'S Then Gaijin To.


Low-life evil scum.

Angela Kelly

Its really weird because last night i had a nightmare that the dolphins in Taiji were being rounded up and some were caught in nets and some were being slaughtered and i was in the water trying to help, and then i wake up and see that its actually happening. I wrote the prime minister and signed a few petitions but i wish there was more that i could do. The people that are helping are in my prayers

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