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Dec 25, 2010


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I was recently hit by a snowboarder who came right down on me on a run. I am lucky, but he did knock the wind right out of me. I feel for this woman who lost her daughter and if that happened to my son I would be devastated. I am now totally petrified of snowboarders and I worry about my 3 1/2 year old son on the slopes.


I am an old ski instructor from way back. SnowBoarding is actually a very obnoxious Social Epidemic. My book, The PROHIBITION of SnowBoarding, by GARY HEINS, U.S. SKI TEACHER, explains how it all got started and why it is so dysfuncitonal.


the girl was wearing a helmet i was there the hemet was knocked off of her head on impact. as for the mother and the snowboarder they where not wearing a helmet.

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