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Nov 09, 2010


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i was in cabo san lucas from the 16th of november till the 1st of december and saw the same thing about half way thru my stay... mind you I was at the verrrrrry bottom of the baja peninsula and the missile actually went up at a much more vertical angle

David Wilson

If this is an accurate photo, it blows the "jet liner from Hawaii" explanation out of the water. While it may not be an ICBM (trajectory is too shallow for that), it is definitely something taking off from the water. And not a normal "jet" contrail.


It's a plane... It's a weather baloon...it's a...
It's probably an improvised rocket launched from a fishing troller. The rocket ran out of fuel and crashed somewhere over america. Our government tracked it and found the crash site. Now they are examining it to see if it was full of a biological agent. They aren't telling us because we would panic and there's no way to stop and search every boat around our country. Because our government wants us to be happy and not scared they tell us its a plane or a weather balloon. :)

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