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Oct 11, 2010


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'pirates are way exaggerated'

I hope you're right, for her sake.

"After the event, even the fool is wise." - the Hon. Viscount Symonds


ive sailed around the world. it's not that difficult, she can easily make it. pirates are way exaggerated and they usually don't go after small boats. the question i have is the picture in this article. it doesn't make sense. it looks like the mast is sticking out of the cockpit and the boat is backwards, very strange.


Tell me, what does that pretty little girl do when the Somali pirates pull up next to her and board her yacht- slit her wrists? Just asking.

People that have never seen the 3rd world shouldn't be so quick to discount the realities that reside there. And I'm supposed to feel sorry for this girl for not getting her way?



Thomas Weber



Join us!


Abby Sunderland, MORE famous than her predecessors?
Who are you kidding?
How is Abby Sunderland, the girl who failed, more famous than those who succeeded?

Bob first

In retrospect, Abbys parents should have been taken to task for pushing her to leave Capetown that late in the season. She is lucky to be alive given the level of preparation of the boat and her lack of experience. She owes everthing to her rescuers.

Re fame: Jessica Watson is famous the world around. It is only due to bad reporting that more people have heard of Abby and her failure than Jess and her triumph.


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