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Oct 22, 2010


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costa rica Vacations

Sharks are really bad!It will be better to stay away from them.We as precaution should not go deep in sea while surfing.


The notion that a mature White sharks have difficulty differentiating between agile, fat-rich pinnipeds and an ungainly, lean seafaring primate using a foam boogie board not only defies common sense, it would render their other faculties (i.e., sense of smell, lateral lines, ampullae of lorenzini and hearing) obsolete.

Not sure which group advancing the "mistaken identity" myth under the aegis of "scientific consensus" has a more palpable conflict of interest: the conservation groups trying to condition the public to see sharks in a less threatening light to try to save the species, the municipalities trying to quell fears that may adversely impact tourism...or shark tour operators trying to protect their cash cow.

"Everybody acts according to self-interest." - Gracian

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