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Oct 15, 2010


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'A great deal of ignorance can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep.' S. Bellow

Taiji Must End

Denise, you just posted Sea Shepherd propaganda.

They are there witnessing the slaughter of these animals and asking for more donations so they can DO THE SAME next year.

Wonderful, that's so HELPFUL to the animals. As they are cut open to bleed on the beach the conservation world is so happy to know that Sea Shepherd is there to witness, report, and ask for our money.


Again, unless you are STOPPING this, you are nothing more than an eco-carpetbagger with a camera, laptop, and NO credibility.

Let's STOP the MADNESS beginning with the myth that Sea Shepherd is anything but a sideline eco-wailer with a bunch of Facebook friends who run around documenting slaughters. They have been at this for 25 years.

We all want this to end but your regurgitation of Scott Wests pathetic observations do nothing to END this.

We all know there's a slaughter going on and it has been documented already thanks to The Cove.

Are we DOING something about this or just wasting emails and posts?

If Sea Shepherd had the stones they would be out there with their much vaulted volunteers or the 70 year old Watson between the kill ships and animals, or cutting open nets in the dead of night.

Saving the damn animals.

They are not, so this is a joke and a sad one at that, the blood of these animals runs past Sea Shepherd staffers who are doing nothing, yet claiming everything.

Denise LaChance

He has posted the entire story. http://www.seashepherd.org/dolphins/report-from-taiji-october-16.html

Taiji Must End

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society - Protecting oceans around the world.

That is SSCS tag line. Can anyone explain how the detention of one lone SSCS member who is reporting live from the scene of a slaughter that is in its 85th year is in fact "Protecting oceans around the world."

Time for a new organization to step up and END TAIJI, not just take photos and beg for donations so they can do more of the same for the next 85 years!


Actually Ednakano...

Article 21 of the Japanese Constitution states that “everyone has a right to film and post news worthy events”.

I am sorry but The Cove is a news worthy event. They are upset that the world is watching them now.


Let them eat dolphin!


West clearly violates protection of Portrait right. If fishermen do not want to take picture or video, He should stop it. It is common rule even if Europe and North America, Oseania.

Kristen S.

Suzanne West is reporting that Scott has been released!

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