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Sep 10, 2010


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Mike (Canada)

Mike (Canada)

WOW, I can't believe how this article talks nothing of Jessicas immense accomplishement, and focuses on Sunderlands ill prepared failed attempt.

It doesn't even mention the fact that she now holds the world records for sailing solo, unassisted and non-stop around the world.

This article should have never been published. Shame on Thomas !!!

Molly Johnson

Abby didn't belong in this article anymore than she belonged out in the middle of the Indian Ocean at the wrong time of year.
Abby isn't a guest at this boat show.
Jessica Watson and Zac Sunderland are.
And how did Abby become "even more famous" for failing to attempt her around the world sail?
I would suggest to the editor that if you are going to pay writers to report on boat shows, that you ask them to stick to the pertinent facts.
Every article this writer has posted here has mentioned Abby Sunderland when she has nothing to do with the the boat show he is reporting about.
If Mr. Thomas insists on promoting Sunderland propaganda, could he do it on some "Abby Fan Club" site, and not in articles that are supposed to be about the guests at the Long Beach Boat Show?

G Michael Howard

For a professional writer I would have imagined that you would have all the facts straight before you started writing. Jessica had a total of six (6) knockdowns where the mast goes into the water as much as 180 degrees, we are talking about a complete roll-over, not just touching the water.
Ms. Watson also has a first name,it's "Jessica". I think that's rude to just refer to her as Watson.
I admire and have followed both girls who only wanted to travel around the world and enjoy themselves, why does the media want to cast negative thoughts about either one. I would think that there would be more praise than criticism heaped upon them for what they had undertaken, successful or not.


Jessica Watson obviously is the class act among the young circumnavigators. She stands head and shoulders above the others in her sailing prowess as well as in her integrity. Unlike the others, I would travel across the country to see Jessica Watson.


Pete Thomas

To Richard: This article was not meant to minimize Jessica's achievement by any means. I brought up Abby because Jessica talked about her during our interview and because she mentions Abby in her book. I think what Jessica accomplished was amazing. She told me her boat was knocked down, not upside down. BTW, I wrote a lot of positive things about her during her voyage and there is nothing negative in this article.


I can't believe how biased this article is toward Abby and how it is designed to minimize Jessica's acheivements.

Jessica succeeded by using the right boat for the job, meticulously prepared, doing the right amount of training, and going at the right time of the year. Jess's boat was knocked upside down during the storms, not just knocked so the mast touched the water!
Jess had a rough time. In true Aussie fashion, though, she tries to minimize how hard it was, rather that exaggerate how difficult it was.

There was no reason to mention Abby's failed attempt in this article, other than to try to diminish Jess.

Abby's voyage was a hasty, ill prepared voyage using the wrong type of boat. The only objective was to try to beat Jess around the world. Experienced mariners and sailing magazine editors around the world agree that she never should have been in that part of the Indian Ocean, at that time of year, as it is too dangerous, and asking for trouble.


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