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Sep 29, 2010


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Karrie Dennis

Japan must stop this inhumane, cruel, agonizing slaughter of these beautiful and intelligent creatures! The World is Watching Taiji! We are appalled that Japan would allow this to happen! I have always been taught that the Japanese people were driven, successful, well educated, dedicated and very honorable. There is no honor in killing innocent animals. Japan, Please reconsider your support of Killing Dophins! People from all countries implore you to stop the slaughter.


Japan Japan Japan you really need to catch up with the times. Some of our old ways are not always good ways. We must some times change things because they are for the better. If you took a look at what is really going on here it is wrong. You need to put your head and heart into this. I am sure there is something better you can come up with.

karl bauer

in the last century edgar cayce predicted that "the greater part of japan must go into the sea." let's hope it's sooner rather than later. they can shove their traditions where the sun don't shine as far as i'm concerned.

David King

I do not think there is any possibility of the Japanese stopping this horror in Taiji until they are satisfied that they are both poisoning their own people and are losing international trade in manufactured products. While we are prepared to purchase Japanese goods they will continue. Anyone old enough to remember their behaviour during the war with PoWs and women in occupied countries knows that somehow the Japanese have no sympathy for anything or aanybody who is powerless. Their treatment of live animals for food is abominable and not simply barbaric.


Only in Japan would tradition require a fish or lobster to die on the plate while a diner eats its flesh. The eyes move and the antenna of the lobster move while the customer enjoys their meal. People talk politely while the creature dies a slow death right in front of them. I have seen this many times in Japan. This proves to a Japanese that the fish was truly fresh when it was served. I like Japan and once had many Japanese friends, but the Japanese seem to have no mercy for the powerless and will never give up this barbaric practice at Taiji. The rest of the world can complain all they want. It will have no effect unless the Japanese themselves become unhappy with the results. I no longer buy anything made in Japan, but would love to buy a new Prius if they would just stop this terrible slaughter.

Tom Tizard

One can only hope that the Mercury content in Dolphin has increased to the point where this "tradition" will result in the sickening of their population (same for Whales). We humans are slow-learners...


Tradition is no excuse, and as for livelihoods, what about the livelihoods of the Dolphins?!?!?

Gloria Picchetti707@sbcglobal.net

Dolphins are so sweet, innocent, & intelligent. How can anyone harm them? This is really bad news.


It's amazing that people can hang onto practices like this after so long... I know there are a few extreme northern communities in Alaska, and probably parts of Canada too, that still whale, but from what I've read, their catches range between 8-15 whales per year. Now these are folks who are actually -using- what they take, not selling it on an open market. I think I can deal with that, and call it "tradition".
What I cannot accept as tradition is the use of modern technology to execute the mass slaughter of intelligent (endangered!) cetaceans for profit.
I'll be following this story, please keep us posted!

tim bain

also in the UK we used to burn witches and cut off peoples heads and put them on display,but we have moved on from these barbaric times!!!


They say that it is "tradition" to slaughter marine animals. We in the US it was once "tradition" to own other human beings. Japan needs to stop using excuses and learn for their mistakes, just like the US.

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