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Aug 27, 2010


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The poaching problem has remained in Thailand for a long time. The largest impediment most developing countries face now is due to low government funding for wildlife service workers (such as forest rangers or wildlife officers). A Thailand lawyer familiar in illegal gaming laws probably has a lot knowledge about this than I do, but generally-speaking I believe the poaching laws in Thailand are quite strictly enforced. However catching the poachers is more difficult since the number of wildlife officers remains few. Under limited funding, focus should probably be directed mostly at monitoring (observation) the types of species that poachers seek most, those that generate the highest profits for the poachers from illegal sales of rare animals. More frequent patrolling of inhabited areas of rare species is also necessary; but if government budgets do not provide sufficient monetary support for patrolling of large areas, such duties will remain neglected.


They should sedate her and stuff her in a suitcase for a few hours.


Poor baby tiger... Hate those who people who do things like this. Stop abusing animals.


What a sick twisted demented Witch! I cannot see how that cute little baby tiger cub would've survived the trip. It most likely would've been crushed and/or suffocated! Happy to see that the little guy will be fine! Happy Ending to this story! : )

The only scary part is... Did she do this before and if so, how many times?

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