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Aug 05, 2010


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I think Laura's spunk by flying the Jolly Roger flag is rather an example of her youthful defiance towards her country's authorities for interfering with her attempt to sail around the world. It's like get out of my face and I'll show you what this kid can do.

I still cringe though at her planned route through the Suez Canal into Middle Eastern waters where Somaili pirates and Al-Quida terrorists exist. I do hope she takes NATO's warning with caution and be escorted while in these waters.

If the Dutch Navy can keep the Sea Shepard within site, the same should be done for an unarmed civilian, not to mention a 14 year old kid.

Otherwise I wish Laura God speed and enjoy her round the world adventure of a (young) lifetime.

Mike Kingdom-Hockings

A long way to go. Let's take it a step at a time. Good luck on the first leg, Laura!

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