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Aug 10, 2010


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Susie Kathryn

Yes , and I predicted this. This will be my third summer snorkeling in La Jolla. I have a snorkeling club. I found myself in the middle of the politics at The Children's Ocean Swimming Pool in La Jolla. After researching both sides and swimming there year around; I know that there are just way too many seals there and sea lions north of there and especially in the MPA, The Cove. Except for some stubborn ones on the back of the sea wall mixed with barnacles I can not find one live mussel. Seriously. That is a definite indicator of depletion of the underwater ecosystem and ability to support life, especially marine mammals that eat many pounds per day and are doubling and tripling their populations each year. They are not even allowed to die naturally as Rescue organizations keep releasing them over and over again. And people and seals (to some degree the lions) have become friendly. Very . Generations of seals have imprinted on humans at this Children's Bathing Pool, and come right up to people. They pet me. They are like labrador retrievers as far as disposition.One swam with me on a night dive for over an hour, petting me, and pressing his face to mine. He approached me, and I felt we were great diving buddies. Now the poor things are starving to death in their own feces penned in the concrete pool there. And here come the sharks to take care of man's poor marine mammal management. The agencies are calling the starvation a 'mystery' they do not want to admit their failure. Its no mystery, its the Law of Supply and Demand. Hope I taste alright.

Captain Michael R. Daniels

You got to be kidding me! These marine biologists never cease to amaze me. For someone who is supposed to be so intelligent,why do they overlook the obvious? Great White sharks are extremely dangerous.
I used to hunt sharks,kill them and sell their meet to fish markets. It was my job. After catching a shark,I would immediately cut it's head off with a handsaw. Then I would gut it and remove it's fins. Now, it would be weighed and I would be paid. I enjoyed getting these man eaters out of the water. As far as the seals go, it was the Federal government who outlawed the taking of seals years ago, that is how the seals multiplied to fast. These seals eat all the lobster and abolone they can find. These things you don't learn out of a book, you must be on the water for years and see for yourself. Captain Michael R. Daniels aka [email protected]


Sharks are not as big of a problem as other deadly sea snakes, but if the white sharks multiply, by lets say, 3 times in the next ten years, we may have a problem on our hands in Cakifornia.


Whoops, sorry, the attack of the guy mentioned in Jaws was in San Francisco, but we lived across the bridge in Oakland. That wasn't clear.


All I can say is that I would like it taped when the scientists take their families to the attack areas to swim. It will never happen, as they are saying to just stay out of the water. I lived in Oakland when the guy was killed there and fishermen tied a rope to his girlfriend, telling her to go and retrieve him. She did, and she got the keys to the city. That incident was mentioned in "Jaws". Also my family was ordered "Out of the water" by the helicopter circling overhead two days later. Lol, I was already out of the water, as I had spotted the dorsal fin before the order was given. How I laughed, as my mother and the rest of family wouldn't listen to me. They heard the guy in the helicopter, though, then they saw the dorsals. Mom thought we were safe, as the entire area we were in was man-made, and only three feet deep. Nope, sorry, she was wrong. Three feet deep is the ideal amount of water for a shark attack, which people need to know.

Michael Cooney

why exactly is it a good thing?

Kit Kuittinen

Lowes comment is off. Look Lowes the more numbers of anything , the more incidents of something.Humans,nature and space define the odds
plus the yet to be learned.
More Great Whites-OK- if that's ecologically sound.
However more people will get bit.


Here's an amazing albeit creepy video: a shark swallows a camera, we can see what shark victims see in their last seconds.

Andy McManus

Typical, I'm going on a surf trip to Huntington Beach next month. I am always a little scared of sharks but I try to put it to the back of my mind as much as possible. It still would never stop me going in the water.

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