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Jul 13, 2010


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Pete, I'm wondering if you could answer a non-sailor's question on why the 6 month's difference between Zac and Jessica's round the world trips? Was it because of the routes taken or the difficulties both faced during their adventures?

I further wonder if Abby would truly do a reality show if the Discovery Channel or the National Geographic Channel were involved? I watch both channels and both would be reputable to do a show on her trip.

Ocean Sailor

If you were a real reporter, you would have done a little more research into Abbys families publicity stunt. This was a dangerous run, by a very inexperienced sailor in the southern ocean at exactly the wrong time of the year. The winter season will guarantee the dangerous conditions she had. This is why ALL professional sailors NEVER go through in the winter. If you want a real story about a actual sailor that worked hard at preparation to succeed,and even respected the weather. The you should write a story about Jessica Watson, that's how its dome properly. But if your just pushing the Abby BS myth further along, then i am sorry, you have no credibility. As a little research will show you..

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