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Jun 11, 2010


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Juan A. Menchaca

Dear Abby and family,
I for one am very happy to hear that you are are doing great. Only those who understand why you attempted this adventure with the full of your parents will be positive of the matter. You have every right to hold your head up high, all of you. The only good thing is that we learn by our mistakes and take those under consideration, make adjustments the NEXT time. Most "record breakers", attempt the same several times before they are successful. Good luck in your future.


Why did you force a winter crossing? And since you did, then why didn't you get a trailing vessel? Im all for adventure, but the risks need to be taken intelligently. Careless parents.


Sunderland Family,

I screamed for joy Abby is safe and sound after I found out this AM. I am sorry, however, that her goal to sail around the world might be over with her damaged mast. But just like she lived her dream, never say never that it's over.


Dear Abby (and parents)
i'm happy to received the news that you're ok, so far. Not saved and still in severe weather without a mast and a pretty messed up mental state i guess. Hang on and stay positive. I read almost all the comments on the first post when your epirbs were activated, my god what a I'm-safe-behind-the-computer-reactions.
We are so scared of everything these days, and overprotecting our children. If the parents are adventurous types the kids will be the same, but we become fewer and fewer. The main thought these days is to spoil them and try to keep them away from drugs, alcohol, sex and...nature....adventure at all costs, a beer is not that bad, neighter is a joint just to experience it. You will see, they loose the interest in it when it's 'legal' and they will be honest, it's not that much of a fun anyway. I wish you all the best, and hope you don't loose your sense for adventure, but i don't think so. Once you've got it, you won't loose it!!
Your sixteen, just on paper. I bed a lot of 18 year olds in the Western countries are more immature than you are!!

Best wishes
Nico from The Netherlands.


Se merecía que la diesen unos azotes y la manden para casa, eso después de pagar los gastos de su estúpido viaje.

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