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Jun 08, 2010


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Sven "Base Jumper" Huckson

Amazing video, love the background music in particular. And no it is not a fake video! Guilaume holds the world record of 113 m!

Besides I love all of the base jumping videos like this one.


Click my name for the link, or its here:



What is this obsession with describing this video as "fake"? Fake how? It's a superbly lovely film of
a real man freediving. Gautier and Nery have presented us with a stunning piece of artistic athletic achievement and the global peanut gallery is getting their undies in a jam.


Absolutely inspirational video but its definately fake. There's a lot of debate about this so I conducted a little test to prove it - its on my web link. Should confirm it for any doubters.

Nevertheless, I love the video. An amazing piece of art; just don't be mistaken into thinking its real. He says himself its fiction.

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