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Jun 14, 2010


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Common Sense

About the comments on paying the rescue bill, people dont seem to understand that there is a strong honorable tradition in sailing and maritime that when a ship is in distress, every ship (and now plane) nearby should drop everything and try its best to come to the rescue.

The U.S Coast Guard would have done exactly the same thing that the Australians and French did if they got a distress call from anyone near the U.S. coast. This happens all the time.

The sea belongs to no one, but is the responsibility of everyone ... It is a time-honored tradition to help a distressed ship at sea regardless of circumstances.


Precisely!! This article sums up exactly how I have felt about this story from the beginning. I have never had a problem with the idea of a 16 year old attempting to sail around the world. I just have a problem with the timing chosen to do so. I had heard early on that the original plan of departing in the Fall of '09 had been delayed, as well. At some point - either in January when she departed CA, or after delays/stops due to other equipment issues - her father/support team should have made the "mature" decision to call off the adventure, knowing that she'd be sailing the southern Indian Ocean at the worst possible time of year. THAT is where I think the parents failed this girl. They allowed vanity (i.e. a quest for "a dream" just to break a record) to interfere with rationale judgement. It almost cost this young girl her life.

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