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Jun 10, 2010


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creative recreation

The opinions you provid are of grat help, I like your blog, thank you.

Gauta B. Kidding

Trusting the irresponsible parents at least write letters of apology to the many people involved with the rescue.

Mark Ellis

Thank the Lord she is safe. What a silly trip. Pilots were put at risk, the fishing boat captain was endangered (falling in the water). These narcisist record setting children need to stay in school, get a job and realize life is not all about them. This whole event sickens me. Go home Abby, get your head in the books, and get prepared to make a living. The real 16 year old heroes are working 3 jobs to pay for a few quarters of college. Perhaps Daddy will be so thrilled to see you, that there will be a new Corvette in your driveway.

dave james

hey Abby I'll come see you when you get back to cali as for her parents ....I love them for having raised such an extraordinary daughter she is my hero ...AND i HAVE BEEN LOST AT SEA MYSELF. you yellow bellied cowards keep your opinion to yourselves and raise your own fat dork lazy computer geek children that can't even walk to school alone NAT


Child abuse charges? That stupid comment cannot be serious. Hang in there brave girl.


Reimburse? are you kidding me? what about all the illegals using our health system and food stamps? yet you want a legit rescue operation to be reimbursed? you people hating on the Sunderlands are such imbeciles, go lock your overweight children in their rooms with their x-box and cell phones and computers and know that they are "safe".... I congratulate Abby on her bravery and will to go out there and live, she obviously was raised with passion and drive unlike the oxygen draining leeches you haters spawned.


it's not the time to put the blame on anyone...it's the time to pray and hope for her return home safe and sound...May God and His miracles be with her now.

D. P.

No one can truly understand or appreciate another persons dreams. The personality that makes an adventurer or pioneer is not easily understood. Abby had a dream and she is living it. It is not the parents fault for allowing her to pursue her dreams.




hope she's ok , where are the parents? why didn't they route her the safest possible way. Can child abuse charges be filed?



Linda Kauer

Keeping Abby in our thoughts until she is found.

barbara masoner

Joining you in prayer for Abby!

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