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May 12, 2010


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Jimmy Decker

You dont have to fish on Toss back days and if it is your only day to fish just pick the regular 3/4 day boat no one is making you fish on the Toronado. This is a great Idea as some people just like to go out and fish and dont like the pressure to fill the sacks some crew put on anglers for their fish counts. Plus 45 bucks for a 3/4 day trip on that boat is a great deal.

Joe Blow

I hate this idea. I already hate the fishing forums where some asshat wants to impose his fish limits or his regulation on me and makes me feel gulity about keeping a fish. This is almost like the same thing. We have fish regulations that the DFG impose already and I am already happy with it. If there is a problem, I am sure the regulations will change.

Even though I rarely eat fish unless it is handed to me on a plate, I like to share my kill bounty with my family and friends. I respect Don Ashley and applaud him for the many years he worked in the sportfishing industry and made southern california one of the best places to fish. However, I think this is idealistic of him. I hope this does not catch on.

I am already paying $55 bucks a fare for a 3/4 boat ride on his boats. Add the jackpot, food, drinks and tip, I pay about out $100 per trip. Not cheap by any means. I guess I just steer clear of the people who tries to make me follow thier fishing idealism just like the asshats on fishing forums. I will take my $400 a month cattle boat fishing habit to another landing.

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