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Feb 27, 2010


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Great video. Now I have to go watch some paint dry.


Tsunami my ass.

That was a glitch in The Matrix

Pete Thomas

Tish. Thanks for sharing that. Sorry I failed to attribute properly. You did a good job filming that, tho. What a day, huh?


This video shows one real danger of tsunami. Namely, they are slow, they are curiosities. Here we have a bunch of people standing around watching the water recede, then it comes back pretty quickly. What would they have done if the crest had been bigger or the bathymetry had focused the wave? Ever tried to outrun a wave?

Now, these people were probably safe even for a larger event as San Diego hasn't historically gotten the big flooding waves. But before the warning system, a tsunami would silently cross the Pacific, perhaps a trough arrive first drawing out the water from the shore, people would come down to the beach to see what was happening, perhaps some would try to pick up fish, etc. from the pools left behind. Then 5, 10, 15 minutes later, the much larger crest arrives, rushing up the beach, then rapidly receding taking the onlookers out to sea. The 1960 Chilean earthquake generated a tsunami that wiped out Hilo much like Thailand got hit. I saw a photo of parking meters bent flush with the ground from the current.

Tish Deering

Pete, I shot that video today and posted it to my youtube account. Just wanted you to know who filmed it. Thanks for sharing it! :-)

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