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Jan 09, 2013


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Funny buy I swam and dived in Florida waters for a long time and even encountered a few sharks..no problem. Be respectful and cognizant of your actions and that of the shark. But after I saw Jaws my senses are always very heightened when in the water after all these years.


not to mention shark attacks are on the rise this year


In spite of its infamously glorified reputation, the Great White Shark is not an indiscriminate, merciless murderer. With that being said, it is also arguably the ocean's most feared predator and one of nature's most proficient and skilled killers. With an arsenal of evolutionary attributes at its disposal, this predatory beast wields unbelievable abilities that should commend more awe and respect than fear - especially given the vast infrequency of attacks on humans, a species with virtually no appetizing appeal given its bony structure and a general lack of flesh.

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