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Oct 11, 2012


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Florida's 'mystery eyeball' may be from bigeye thresher shark :


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I'm gonna guess Swordfish or Blue Marlin.

Jon Hensley

looks like its from.... a creature with a giant eye

j sak

its not an oarfish, check out the one that washed up in mexico today.. http://www.grindtv.com/outdoor/blog/36396/rare+find+of+bizarre-looking+oarfish+made+on+cabo+san+lucas+beach/


These are fun.

"Blue Marlin. Final Answer."


Hmmm. Just too large for a Thresher shark. Has to be a bigger creature?


to me it look's more like from a tuna a marlin or a tarpon but im going with a marlin


Its from an OAR fish. LOOK it up.

Jason Vernau

looks like a sunfish eye

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