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Oct 10, 2011


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mountain bike trails Philippines

I've watch this video in other post, the good thing here is he wears helmet.


Ray Sauce

This is an amazing video. Talk about a one in a million chance. I was hit by a bird (crow) while riding, hit me right in the helmet. I was actually knocked into a curb. I had some bumps and bruises but glad I had got my helmet on had to buy a new one


Had a large dog plow into me during a short ride in the neighborhood. Plowed in between front and back tires. I landed head first on asphalt. Loss one tooth, a crown and chipped three other teeth, not to mention cuts and bruises to my face equalling a concussion. We have leash laws and he was running wild. Another irresponsible neighbor.

Ron Roberts

Bet he's glad it wasn't a Rhino or Elephant or Lion or...his ex?


wow that was amazing, I can say I've never seen that happen before,I hope he is okay.

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