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Jan 05, 2010


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Samuel Caplan M

To the Post by: Bob | Feb 03, 2011 at 06:42 PM ---- if I spoke of all the "bad" experiences that I have had I would never leave my house. I have been harrased by vagrants in San Ysidro, in Chula Vista, in San Diego, in Temecula, I have been offered all types of drugs on the street in Laguna Beach, I have had people yell obscenities at me in New Port Beach, I have been deadly afraid driving in East LA, but I still go and I would never judge all the gringos from a few isolated incidents... you are probably the type of person that would come to Rosarito to raise hell and then scream bloody murder when you were prevented from doing it. Stay in your place... everybody else is welcome...
I have lived in Rosarito since 1957.
PD I don´t hide behind a "Bob" mask.


You suckers are going to listen to the "Tourist Trap" dribble. Just think... it only takes one bad experience in Mexico to ruin your life. It just ain't worth it!


We have been going to Rosarito around 10 times per year for 25 years (have a second home there). Never NEVER had any problems. I am writing this in November 2010 and people continue to ask me if it is safe. My boss even asked me to not go anymore due to "all the murders, shootings and kidnappings" of Americans. We need to continue to be good ambassadors for Baja and spread the truth that it is indeed safe with wonderful people, beaches and activities. Only those of us who have first hand experiences can dispel the fear generated by the media and the US government.

Michael Aaker

Hey Pete,
Glad you have brought topic out in the open. As you know I have been driving to Bajamar to play golf 2-3 times a year for many years but I have not been back since the word of all this violence started. I am now planning a trip down there next month on Feb 28 with as many friends that are no longer afraid to go. Keep up the great work and be well!


Great article!
I am glad to hear such good news. Personally, I have been traveling through Baja for the past 7-8 years. And I have participated in all that Baja has to offer from off-roading to playing in the Annual International Volleball Tournament (held previously in Estero & now in Rosarito, www.mexvolleyball.com) and have never had an issue aside from the occasional vehicle search @ the check points. Last year was the 1st year in all that time that I did not venture down to Baja, nor did any of my friends due to safety concerns. This year will be different and thanks to Mr. Torres and his staff for all their efforts, this should prove to be a great year. My friends and I are excited to continue our traditional trips!


Philip Friedman


I make this drive with my kids all the time and have never had a problem. The people of Baja re the best, it's so close and there is so much to do. I have been fortunate enough to travel a lot and I must say that Baja remains Numero Uno in my Corazon

Laura Wong

What a great article!!!
I am so glad that writers like you tells nothing but the truth!!!
Hope you the best in this new professional stage.


Hey Pete- great article! Glad to hear someones reporting reality instead of hype. I've lived here for many years, and though we hear about all the problems, don't really see it. The beach are incredible, the people friendly, and the food, well it's Mexican what more need be said. There are a few success stories in the midst of all the woes do here, the best one is Plan B- www.planbbaja.com , a Restaurant/Bar just North of Rosarito. The Beers are $1.25 and the food ,cheap and incredible- what more can you ask for.
I believe what Mr. Torres is quoting is true, Rosarito is safer- though I'm not sure I'd want to hang out in Tijuana- but then I never did.

Come for a visit.


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